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Taste Test

Would you like to have a product tested for taste? Normec Sensory can help you with good and expert taste research. In our ‘Smaakhuis’ we arrange for your products to be tested by your target group. This gives you a good idea of ​​how your target group thinks about your product.

  • We are committed to a quick and qualitative approach.
  • Because of our experience, we carry out taste research at a high level.

Product research

Taste tests make up an important part of product research. In a taste survey, a group of respondents will taste a product and indicate on the basis of different aspects of a questionnaire what they think. By doing a taste test, the weak components of the product can be brought to light. This may be important if you want to bring a new product onto the market, but also when improving a product that is already on the shelves. You can choose to examine one product separately, monadic research, or to test several products comparatively with each other. In the research, your product can be sold against an (other) A-brand or private label. This way you know how your product scores compared with competitor.

Efficient and result-oriented research

In a taste test by Normec Sensory, you opt for reliable, efficient and result-oriented research. We use multiple techniques and analyses to provide you with the most complete report possible. An example of this is the Normbase®. This is a database containing all the studies we have carried out. This database makes it possible on the one hand to display the average scores of all the studies in the database and on the other hand those of the specific product groups within them. You can choose to sell your product against this Normbase® in order to find out how your product scores in relation to the average of the product category. Another technique concerns Purchase Index®. This index is based on the demand for the purchase intention of respondents and thus indicates the potential of a product. Whether this potential is actually realised depends on, among other things, familiarity, availability, out of stock situations, etc.

The ‘Smaakhuis’

You can choose to have a taste test carried out in our test centre ‘Het Smaakhuis’. We have ‘Smaakhuizen’ in Amstelveen and Antwerp. A special, local panel has been set up for this purpose, with people who find it interesting to come and try products regularly. ‘Het Smaakhuis’ is particularly suitable for short monadic studies and comparative taste tests.

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